Operation regulations


  • Residents receive the entry card from the reception when they enter the camping site, they also receive the camp card which has to be placed at a visible spot on the campers tent and a car sticker with their tent number to be placed on the car. Upon departure the residents must return the cards to be given their bill and collect their IDs back.

  • No changes can be made on the entry card details. All changes to details (departure, guest arrival, car arrival, etc.) must be brought to the attention of the reception staff so that new cards are issued with updated details.

  • Residents’ cars must be placed at the parking spots indicated by the management.

  • Visitors are allowed only after they are registered at reception. Visitor cars may park at the Parking lot only when spaces are available.

  • It is forbidden to use up any more space than what has been indicated to you by the management.

  • On the day of departure bills and payments should be settled by 12:00 and the camping area should be evacuated.

  • Residents should take note of the information posted on the ATTENTION BOARD at RECEPTION for their own interest regarding the opening hours of the various camping facilities (Gate, Cash Point, Mini Market, etc).

  • Please help us to maintain all spaces clean. Do not dispose cigarettes or other objects on the beach nor the camping. Disposal bins are located near for all rubbish.

  • Since the camping is located in a forest, lighting fires is strictly forbidden all throughout the camping and the beach with the exception of the common BBQ area, which is allowed only if there is no warning from the Fire Department for that particular day.

  • Pets are accepted ONLY in the tents area but under conditions. They must not be aggressive or annoying, walk around without a leash and a person to escort them and take care of their droppings. They are strictly forbidden to enter the sea, the dining areas and the sanitary facilities. During quiet hours they must be muzzled. If a dog disturbs other campers, it will be removed immediately. Moreover, there is a limit to the number of pets that can be admitted. The camping reserves the right to not admit a pet to its premises, if management considers that the maximum number of pets it can accommodate is exceeded. Finally, pets must be accompanied by all their legal documents (e.g. dog health booklets) and be vaccinated.

  • Please refrain from moving your car or your motorbike inside the camping without a serious reason.

  • Speed limit within the camping premises is 5 km/hour.

  • Vehicle sound system should not be used inside the camping space.

  • The use of radio, TV, music instruments, etc is allowed as far as it doesn't disturb the other residents.

  • It is forbidden to move the camping’s equipment and furniture (tables, chairs, sun-beds, umbrellas, etc) from their original location.

  • It is forbidden to use electric power for ELECTRIC OVENS, COOKERS, or AIR CONDITION.

  • An unattended tent on a camping spot will have a minimum charge rate of the tent plus the standard charge rate for 2 adults.

  • Gas is not allowed.

  • Please keep quiet on the following hours: 00:00-08:00, 15:00- 17:00.

  • The company has no liability in the event of theft, damage to camper, camping equipment and vehicles. Bringing valuable items into campers is carried out under the sole responsibility of their owners. The company bears no responsibility for any damage caused by weather, fire, natural disasters or acts of terrorism. Furthermore, the company offers accommodation in a natural environment and is therefore not responsible for any accidents and harmful effects sustained from activities, flora, fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.), unforeseen events, natural phenomena, fortuitous events or failure to comply with the camping’s operating rules.

  • By entering and staying at the Camping you comply to abide by the rules and conditions stated above as GENERAL CAMPING RULES AND REGULATIONS

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